Surviving the severe marketing competition in Singapore for the SMEs is challenging. If your newly formed ecommerce or the web-based business needs a push for a better online exposure then to achieve more leads connect with a renowned sem agency Singapore. Let the experts design the PPC campaign and do the social media ad and email campaigns on your behalf.

But before hiring any SEM agency, do remember 3 things—

Certified & Experienced

Look for the SEM agencies where they boast on the team they have. The teammates should be Google AdWords certified and are highly experience in performing PPC campaigns along with the Google Ads, social media advertising and through emails.


During the research phase, look for the agency that is highly-recommended according to the reviews and ratings shared by the other business clients who are immensely helped by their services. Also, you can ask for references.

Can do all types of Ads

Check whether the SEM professionals are champion in designing- Google ads, Bing- PPC ads, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Amazon ads. The present-day PPC trend focuses more on video ads on YouTube or social media unlike the still or animated ads scrolling on the sides of the websites or SERPs.

Kara Nico