Bullet horns for bikes sound amazing, whether it is a Royal Enfield Thunderbird or a Harley Davidson with a straight pipe exhaust. The noise they produce is simply something you cannot ignore and people cannot get enough of them. Every person wants to buy horn for bullet and other bikes, but they are not sure if it’s worth spending their money on these.

What you probably didn’t know is that the Bullet horns for bikes or any other kind of aftermarket horn can be modulated to produce different tones and pitches allowing the rider more scope to play with sound. These horns are made specifically for motorcycles allowing them more air pressure than car horns which allows them to make louder noises. When installed properly on your bike, these Bullet horns for bikes will surely turn heads out there on the road! Here’s why every biker should buy horns for bikes.

What are bullet horns?

Bullet horns for bikes can be roughly called air horns. They work on the same principle as concert air-horns, with the difference being that they are smaller, cheaper, and more compact. When you press on the handle of these horns, it releases a burst of compressed air which allows them to produce loud noises that many find amusing. A good Bullet horn for bikes can be modulated to produce different pitches of sound too! With your motorcycle’s power comes great responsibility – you need to make sure that other road users like truck or bus drivers notice you properly when you honk at them so they know what direction to move in next. Shoulder checking is not enough; every driver needs to hear you as well! This is where Bullet horns for bikes come into play.

Why should I buy the best bullet horns for my bike?

Bullet horns are accessories for bikes, but something they find very useful too. Motorcycles have a much lower decibel rating than cars which means that it is harder to get people’s attention using a horn on a motorcycle. Also, since motorcycles weigh less, traveling at the same speed as a car going 80 kmph feels like going 100 kmph on a four-wheeler. When you’re going this fast, you need all the more reason to make sure other road users know who’s coming their way and honking will make sure they do! You can also use the Bullet horns for bikes to say hi, wave your hand or even ask for directions – anything you want is possible by honking.

What are the benefits of installing Bullet horns?

There are so many benefits of installing Bullet horns for bikes. These are loud enough to get people’s attention when you honk at them, they can be used as a proper horn instead of just getting the shoulder checked, they allow more air pressure than regular car horns which means that these will last longer and most importantly it makes your motorcycle look tough! Every biker wants their bike to have that ‘bullet’ look with a tiny bit of aggression thrown into their personality too. Riding around on something small doesn’t make one feel any different – it is the sound of a Bullet horn for bikes that turns heads. Installing these horns also allows you to ‘play’ with the sound by allowing different pitches to be produced just like blowing into an empty bottle which adds fun, adventure and excitement to riding your motorcycle.

Benefits of installing Bullet horns?

If you’re looking to buy bullet horns then it’s best that you install them on your motorcycle yourself or get someone who can do it for you. You need something sturdy that will last longer and not break even when honking at high speeds. The best place to look for these are places where motorcycles are commonly seen such as hardware stores or even electronic shops. The price of Bullet horns varies based on the manufacturer and how many decibels they are able to produce. The smaller the horn, the cheaper it is but don’t let that fool you – small horns aren’t as loud either so always look for Bullet horns with the highest number of decibels possible! A good bullet horn can cost anywhere between Rs 100-200 which is worth every penny when you get people’s attention on the road or hear them compliment your bike later on.

Buying Bullet horns for bikes is a wise decision that any biker must make if they want to be visible on their motorcycle. These tiny little pieces of equipment allow you to get noticed by other road users who need to know what direction to move in next, especially when you’re riding at high speeds. Every biker needs to have a tough bike with Bullet horns for bikes that will make them feel confident and safe while riding on the road. Remember – there are no substitutes to being seen!

Kara Nico