So, you’re thinking about trying vaping, and you may have just given up smoking and already be using some sort of NRT or Nicotine Replacement Therapy such as patches, gum or even an inhaler. You’ve seen people vaping but aren’t sure whether it’s for you or where to start, let’s take a look at what your options are.

What’s on the Market

Depending on your budget, there at various starting points when you’re looking to buy your first vape device, there are many excellent starter kits, but they involve a certain amount of cost. If you really aren’t sure whether vaping is what you’re looking for, then there’s only one place to start, and that is with the disposable vape. The disposable vape is a self-contained, pre-filled vape device that doesn’t require recharging, available in a good range of different e-liquid flavour to suit most people, and at around £5 or £6, the disposable vape is a great starting point for any new vaper.

Drilling Down the Disposable

The disposable vape device comes with a fully charged battery and enough vape juice for around 500 puffs, equating to approximately two whole packets of cigarettes. With the continually rising price of tobacco, this straight away means a decent cost-saving, other benefits of using a disposable vape can include –

  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Maintenance-free
  • Travel friendly
  • Discreet Vaping

All these reasons mean disposable vape devices are popular with both the new starter and the seasoned vaper; the starter gets a simple, cheap way of trying vaping with a device that replicates the throat hit similar to the cigarette in many delicious flavours. The more experienced vaper uses a disposable for various reasons such as discreet work/commute vaping, reliable backup device or to take away on holiday. Having described the benefits of the disposable vape, let’s take a look at some well-regarded examples of this type of device currently on the market.

What’s On the Market

There are lots of different disposable vaping devices on the market; let’s investigate the advantages of several of them. From Elf Bar, there are two examples, the CR500 or the Elf Bar pod 600; the CR500 is a vape pen with a great lightweight minimalist design available in many tasty flavours it’s a good choice if going travelling. The pod 600, known as the Elf Bar pod, is also a great option; the 600 relates to the number of minimum puffs given out by this stylish, compact vape uses a nic salt blended of e-liquid, which gives a robust nicotine hit, making it ideal for non-smokers. Also, an excellent choice is the Geek bar disposable vape pen; the simple all-in-one design provides a minimum of 575 puffs and uses vape juice specifically tailored to the mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape style most new ex-smoker’s mimic.

Onwards and Upwards

They are just three disposable vapes available; from there, having found vaping to your liking, it’s possible to move onto more involved devices, different types of e-liquids and even different ways to vape. Whatever your journey, I hope this information has given you food for thought when thinking about vaping; I started over seven years ago and haven’t looked at a cigarette since.

Kara Nico