For plumbing issues related to the single house, there will not be an issue as for free-standing homes there will be a single owner. But coming to multi-family residential areas like condos, apartments, and townhouses there will not be any clarity on who has to take responsibility.

The interconnecting systems that are related to multiple houses can be highly complex and the repair in this interconnecting system can create a chain reaction that may affect other parts as well.

To deal with the repairs in these interconnecting systems multifamily plumbers will be helpful.

How does multifamily plumbing work?

In apartments, some pipes will be useful for specific individual needs that are occupying that specific unit. The pipes that are visible under the toilets or sinks will be beneficial to that apartment alone.

But when dealing with pipes that are connected to the whole building or multiple apartments in that building, multifamily plumbers should be careful as these pipes bring fresh water from the municipal supplier and carry away dirty water to treatment plants.

Many times, there will be one single valve to control the water flow that goes to multiple units.

Common multi-family Plumbing issues:

Dealing with multi-family plumbing systems will be difficult as it is troublesome to decide which pipes work for the whole building and which pipes are for one specific apartment.

Some of the main basic plumbing problems that may occur in residential plumbing systems include

  •     Backing up of Sewage

            This problem occurs when the plumbing line in the main waste stack carries away sewage for multiple units. When it becomes clogged the source of clogging will have to be determined for its repair.

  •     Drains that are clogged

            As there will be a lot of apartments in the building, this is the most common issue because of the hair that will be clogged through shower drains. Even the solid food and oil that come from the sink will be a reason for the blockage.

  •     Water pipes that are corroded

            Chemicals in the water will corrode the metal leading to cracks and leaks in the pipes after some time. This problem will be more at the joints and seams of the plumbing system.

Tips to choose the right Multifamily plumbers?

When choosing the plumber for the multi-family needs make sure to go through the following tips and instructions.

  •     Consider the experience of the plumbers with multifamily plumbing as dealing with multi-family plumbing requirements may need immediate attention.
  •     Consider good plumbers who are willing to provide estimates before doing the work
  •     Always pay attention to the parts and supplies that are used for the repairs without blindly trusting them.
  •     Try to fix a single company for calling the multifamily plumbers and arrange a billing system to handle and track the payments for the whole building.


Multifamily plumbers should have more experience with interconnected systems as there will be a single valve and if they shut off this valve thinking that as a home valve it may stop water supply for the whole building.

Kara Nico