Wildtree Nursery is an organization that has devoted itself to the protection and preservation of wildlife in urban areas. With the increasing pressures of urban development on the local environment, Wildtree Nursery has set out to be a safe haven for wildlife in these areas. The organization is committed to creating a nurturing and safe space for wild animals to live and thrive in harmony with and alongside human residents. They are dedicated to restoring natural habitats and providing resources and support to help create a better, healthier environment for all inhabitants of the urban landscape.

Crafting a Community for Nature to Thrive

At Wildtree Nursery, we believe in creating a safe haven for wildlife in urban areas. We started with a simple goal in mind – to provide the perfect environment for nature to thrive. One of the many ways we’ve accomplished this is through the sale of persimmon trees. Not only do persimmon trees provide food and shelter for wildlife, but they also provide a unique and rustic landscape feature that can be enjoyed by all. With the sale of these trees, we hope to foster a sense of community and stewardship for the environment in our urban areas.

Nurturing Nature Back to Life

Wildtree Nursery is leading the charge on restoring nature to urban areas. One of their most creative initiatives is the Nurturing Nature Back to Life program. This program provides local communities with the chance to purchase and plant persimmon trees for sale in their neighbourhood. Not only does this promote the growth of native species, but it also helps create a safe haven for wildlife. The persimmon trees for sale produce sweet, edible fruits that attract birds, squirrels, and other animals, providing them with a safe place to eat and rest.

Growing a Greener Future Together

Wildtree Nursery is going above and beyond to create a safe haven for wildlife in urban areas. We are proud to offer persimmon trees for sale, which can provide a much-needed source of food for many different animals. Urban development can often deprive wildlife of their natural habitats and food sources, but our persimmon trees are helping to make up for the loss. With our persimmon trees, we are growing a greener future together for both humans and animals.

Overall, Wildtree Nursery is working hard to create a safe haven for wildlife in urban areas. They are planting new trees, shrubs, and flowers to provide food, shelter, and nesting opportunities for local animals.


  • Discover how Wildtree’s nursery is creating safe havens for wildlife in urban areas
  • Choose from a variety of plants that provide food, shelter, and nesting sites for urban wildlife
  • Benefit from Wildtree’s expertise in creating sustainable, wildlife-friendly gardens in urban settings

Kara Nico