You can turn ashes into diamonds for your loved one by following a process that is centuries old and involves extreme heat and pressure. You’ll receive a welcome kit from Saintdiamonds once you sign up. The Saintdiamonds team will then begin the process by isolating the carbon from other elements in the ashes.

After removing these elements, the carbon graphite powder is placed in a machine that replicates growing conditions under the earth. High pressure and intense heat then cause the carbon to crystallize and create a raw diamond. The Saintdiamonds process is estimated to take three months to complete and is overseen by leading scientists in Germany and Texas.

There are a number of companies that create cremation diamonds, including Saintdiamonds, which has recently received backing from Shark Tank. These companies claim to create manmade diamonds from carbon from human remains, and they’re transparent about the process. You can even have a memorial message carved into the girdle of your cremation diamond – a fitting way to honor your loved one. There are various certifications for cremation diamonds, including from a third-party laboratory.

If you are not a fan of funerals, turning ashes into diamonds is an ideal way to honor a loved one. Diamonds can be a beautiful, meaningful keepsake for the family. In addition to diamonds, you can choose the color, carat, and size of the diamonds. Ashes can be stored in urns, which is a traditional option, and the family can scatter them at a memorial site.

There are several companies that specialize in carbonizing ashes into a beautiful memorial diamond. Saint Diamonds, for example, has a turnaround time of just 20 to 65 days and offers free jewelry settings to their customers. You can also choose to have the diamond set in a memorial ring, which will be a lovely and meaningful way to remember your loved one. You can then use it as a constant reminder of their life.

An innovative method for transforming cremation ashes into stunning diamonds has been developed by Saintdiamonds, a company that was established in Austin, Texas. According to the assertions of the company, diamonds are the precious stones with the highest level of brilliance.

The company has managed to fashion over a thousand diamonds out of a half cup’s worth of ash with great success. To create diamonds, a process involving extreme pressure and heat must first be carried out. Therefore, if you have the ashes of a deceased loved one, it may be worthwhile to purchase a piece of diamond jewellery as a keepsake for them.

Diamonds of exceptional beauty can be fashioned from cremated remains. Simply using half a cup’s worth of the cremated remains is all that is required for this method.

After that, you will have to place the ashes in a welcome package, which should also contain directions on how to deal with the ashes in the correct manner. Even the hair of a person you care about can be used to fashion a diamond. There are a great number of locations that provide this service. Ashes and hair are also acceptable to them.

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