Generating and maintaining entertainment payroll is an overwhelming task. You should have a good understanding of industry tax laws while still keeping track of your projects. Also, you’ll need to itemize deductions and ensure checks are mailed on time. To alleviate the stress of the process and ensure everything is in order, reach out to a reputable entertainment payroll service company like Revolution Entertainment Services. We are committed to meeting all your payroll needs in the most professional way possible. Read on to learn how entertainment payroll companies can help you.

How does entertainment payroll work?

Whenever you have a production, you’ll need to pay people for their services. Companies paying for these services are the employers and need to comply with the local, state, and federal laws for paying their employees. When the labor is unionized, employers need to comply with all union rules. Entertainment payroll companies make it easy to spin up a project, pay the crew for their services, and automate payments, compliance, and insurance requirements. You’ll find a digitized and seamless payroll that makes it easier to concentrate on your production with these companies.

What do entertainment payroll service companies do?

Entertainment payroll companies act on behalf of their clients in several ways. These include:

  • Serving as an employer of record: When the tax season approaches, the production crew needs all the necessary tax forms. As an employer of record, and entertainment the payroll company acts on behalf of the producer by collecting and sending out these tax forms.
  • Providing workers’ compensation: Workers’ compensation is necessary due to potential on-set injuries. An entertainment payroll company ensures you have the right insurance to avoid opening your production to costly and time-consuming lawsuits.
  • Onboarding cast and crew:With every new hire comes to a lot of paperwork and information. An entertainment payroll company ensures the collection of the correct information to pay your cast in compliance with union regulations.
  • Calculating payroll: Entertainment payroll companies often use software to calculate payroll and union benefits. They ensure to observe all labor laws and union contracts.
  • Processing payments: These companies understand all the production nuances. Therefore, they can pay everyone out by securely transmitting funds to employees, unions, and the withholding agencies.

Choosing a Good Entertainment Payroll Professional

Entertainment payroll processing is often a sophisticated task, continually operating under time constraints. That’s why you should choose a professional with solid mathematical capabilities to avoid errors and tax issues. They should ensure that the employer’s taxes are deducted and employees’ benefits are accurately computed. Extensive experience makes an entertainment payroll professional knowledgeable and dependable. The professional should also be trustworthy enough to keep your information confidential. They should also have a track record of honesty and transparency in everything they do.

In conclusion, hiring an entertainment payroll service company allows you to spend more time focusing on your events and productions. At Revolution Entertainment Services, we strove to revolutionize how this field services its clients and create an ideal environment for them to focus on building their productions. We’ll offer you software using the latest technology and handle your payroll at competitive rates.

Kara Nico